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  • soccer6 is a fast paced, skill oriented and high scoring style of soccer that is played on a small sided outdoor field with bigger goals. 6 players make up a team including goal keeper. soccer6 takes the best of all of the small sided versions of soccer to make up the most fun and challenging game.
  • 6v6 Youth & Adult Soccer Tournaments. brings you the finest recreational 6v6 adult soccer tournaments for co ed soccer, women's & men's teams found throughout Ohio, the Midwest and the Carolinas. We are home to the legendary Put-in-Bay Cup, the Charleston Cup in South Carolina and the Nashville Cup in Tennessee.
  • 6v6 Team Shape Considerations This is an article to provide coaches a few options to consider. It is NOT intended to be a training session for young players. The transition from the 4v4 game with no goalies to the 6v6 game can be a bit
  • Small Goal Soccer – The USA’s Best Adult & Youth Soccer Leagues, Tournaments & Events. Small Goal Soccer is quickly taking over the United States. Adult & Youth soccer players from all skill levels and ages come together to enjoy the beautiful game.
  • NEW SEASON: October 24th, 2019. We heard the cry. The cry of a lack of quality soccer action in Northwest Phoenix, so like a hero in the night, we gave the people what they needed: a 6v6 adult soccer league in Glendale.
  • US Youth Soccer Leagues US Youth Soccer Leagues Tournaments/Events. Club Tournaments Club Tournaments State Cup State Cup Presidents Cup Presidents Cup Adult State Cup Adult State Cup Academy Festivals Academy Festivals Futsal Showcase Futsal Showcase Registration; DICK'S Winter 6v6 Festival DICK'S Winter 6v6 Festival ODP
  • 6v6 to improve midfield creativity. by Dave Clarke in Midfield, Small Sided Games. PRINT ; ... Soccer Coach Weekly offers proven and easy to use soccer drills, coaching sessions, practice plans, small-sided games, warm-ups, training tips and advice.
  • The Owasso Soccer Club (OSC) of Oklahoma is a non-profit club focused on promoting and providing a safe, fun and encouraging atmosphere to learn the game of soccer while growing individually as well as a team player. OSC was established in 1977 and welcomes all players regardless of playing experience, playing level or abilities.