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  • Bubble Soccer USA guarantees a lot of laughter and a lot of bumping. You will be enjoying yourself so much you will think your a kid again. Once the whistle starts for the game, everybody flies straight in. There's a lot of bumping, bouncing, rolling and laughing especially from the spectators.
  • We recommended reviewing the Bubble Games (featured above) before your rental and picking a few that you would like to start with. These games include bubble soccer (aka bumper balls), bubble football, battle ball royale, protect the president, sharks & minnows, & capture the flag.
  • Bump Soccer Denver, LLC reserves the right to terminate any booking in the event that the balls are being misused. In the event of unforeseen circumstances ie, traffic, weather, venue, Bump Soccer Denver, LLC reserves the right to cancel bookings; any refunds or reimbursement as a result will be at the discretion of Bump Soccer Denver, LLC.
  • Bubble Soccer Rental by Bubble Bashers is your only source for Arizona Knockerball. Bubble Bashers is the best place for Bubble Soccer. Rent our Bubbles today in Phoenix Arizona.
  • Several outdoor playing fields (11v11 or 8v8 setup for soccer) If you are looking to host an event or have a large group outing, ask us about our entire facility rental (event and tournament pricing may vary). For questions or to verify availability you can fill out the form below. To make a reservation, call Soccer First at (614) 793-0101.
  • Bubble Soccer rentals introduces bubbles to the sport of soccer. Players strap inside a bubble and play various games inside the bubble, including soccer, last bubble standing, protect the president, and sharks & minnows. We also offer other party equipment rentals, such as fowling, soccer darts, giant connect 4, and archery tag!
  • Rentals . Pembroke Pines Rentals ; Leagues . Pembroke Pines Leagues . Adult Leagues . MEN . SFLSL @ Soccer Town 8v8 (Sun) STPP @ Soccer Town 8v8 (Sat) SFLSL @ Soccer Town 8v8 (Sat) COED . SFLSL @ Soccer Town 6v6 (Tues) WOMEN . BWSL @ Soccer Town 8v8 (Sun) Youth Leagues . SFLYSL @ Soccer Town 6v6 (Fri) Tournaments . Pembroke Pines Tournaments
  • Our giant soccer darts rental is the perfect combination of soccer and shooting darts. It gives you the opportunity to have a friendly competition between friends and/or coworkers as you aim for the center of the 14-foot dartboard using our velcro covered soccer balls.
  • Knockerball bubble-soccer has taken the world by storm due to it’s innovative and ultra-fun approach to a traditional sport. Everyone that sees a Knockerball wants to play, and people young and old are captivated by this new game that is sweeping the nation.
  • Want to know where to play or rent KnockerBall® Bubble Soccer? You can find hundreds of locations here. If there's not one nearby you've found a great business opportunity!