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The resignation comes after an outside law firm reviewed the process of the federation's controversial legal filing in March.
Players from the United States Women's National Team have appealed a federal judge's decision to dismiss their claim of unequal pay.
It appears that Joe Biden has threatened the U.S. Soccer federation (USSF) with a lack of funding towards hosting the 2026 World Cup in response to the USWNT losing their equal pay lawsuit.
The May 5 trial date set for U.S. Soccer and the women's national team suing the federation for gender discrimination could be postponed ... strike amid the USWNT's equal pay fight, because ...
The USWNT have vowed to appeal the decision on equal pay ... The players sought $67m in back pay, and sources tell the Guardian that US Soccer had previously offered $9m in settlement talks.
When taking on the best soccer team in U.S. history in the battle for equal pay for equal work, “men are inherently physically superior to women” is probably not the tack one wants to take. At the very least,
A federal judge in California ruled in favor of the United States Soccer Federation on ... World Cup unless the USSF provided equal pay to the USMNT and USWNT. It was referred to the House ...
Carli Lloyd raises the trophy after the USWNT wins ... s national soccer team (USWNT) and US Soccer, tweeting that the players should not “give up this fight” for equal pay and threatening ...